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A New Way to Organize Gmail Inbox

01 Feb
A New Way to Organize Gmail Inbox

If you’re like me and you use Gmail as your primary inbox service, and you deal with lots of emails from clients, there’s an amazing tool for Chrome that I want to share with you.

It’s called Sortd, and it’s a plugin that will organize the view of your Gmail into different categories (set by you), and you can arrange emails by dragging, renaming them as Tasks, and moving them around – much like a Trello board.

As an entrepreneur who works from home, I use Gmail to gather all my accounts, and this tool is super easy to use.

A New Way to Organize Gmail Inbox pinterest


Will My Emails Get Messed Up?

Sortd does NOT effect the actual Gmail inbox – it will simply add an alternate view, or skin. So all your email remains the same, and with just one click, you can actually toggle between Gmail and Sortd views.

Check it out, you will love it!

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