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I have been so fortunate over the years to have worked with some of the best clients!
Here are some testimonials that I’ve collected.

I had a very small budget as I am just starting out, so I asked Elyssa to build me landing page with the basics on it knowing I will expand at another time. She was able to have me up and running within a WEEK!! and on budget and it looks great! Thank you so much!!!! xx
Donna Gibson
Donna Gibson
Run, don't walk!!!

If you're looking for someone who cares about helping you reach your target audience via your website, RUN do NOT walk to Elyssa Manis of NavaWeb Design.

Thank you, Elyssa 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜
Assunta Iannilli
Assunta Iannillicpa
Elyssa was able to take my vision and turn it into a reality. I was looking for an extremely specific look catering to the legal community. She took the time to walk me through the details and provided her professional expertise to fine tune slogans and pictures. In addition, she suggested added features to the site, such as an appointment booking link. Overall, I am very impressed with her prompt and professional service. I would HIGHLY recommend NavaWeb for anyone looking to create a website that will stand out!!
Lindsay Gaspar
I had sought out NavaWeb after a referral was sent out via LinkedIn from a mutual contact of mine who had worked with Elyssa. After operating my business for the past 4 years without a website, I was in need of a website, brand refresh, and logo. From the initial call with Elyssa, it was clear that she fully listened to the needs of my company and already had the creative capacity to see a vision. Elyssa was extremely professional, diligent, patient (as I didn't have the technical expertise in website design), and a true artist! She has taken my company to a whole different level of professionalism based upon her website design. The end result truly blew me away! She is a true digital artist and I would highly suggest her to anyone looking for a professionally done website.
Danielle Hanson
Danielle Hanson
Strategic Training Endeavors
Elyssa was patient, creative, kind, and a hard worker. She was able to tap into my vision and created an amazing site of my dreams.
Abby Herlin
Abby Herlin
I have a website that satisfies me beyond my expectations ! Honestly, Elyssa did a great job for the design, she listened carefully to my needs and was able to translate them visually. She worked on the website until I was fully satisfied with it. She was always available either by email or through the phone. I recommend Elyssa for her quality of service and for her kind and honest personality as well!
Hasnaa Akabli
Hasnaa Akabli
My client's site was hacked and Elyssa took time on a Saturday to help me clean the malware and the site was back up in less than an hour! I highly recommend her!
Ruth Hartmann
Ruth Hartmann
Hartmann Coaching & Consulting
Elyssa is my go-to for all things tech stress me out. I feel SO relieved knowing she's always got my back. I host with NavaWeb, have had website audits, gotten graphics, and much more. I can't put into words how much you need her as your sidekick.
Amber Brooks
Amber Brooks
I want to give Elyssa a huge shout out for jumping and fixing an issue I had with my WP site today. The fonts were all wonky no matter how many times I purged my cache and installed new plugins. She did this quickly, and persevered with it until it was done... For FREE. If you need a great web dev - I highly recommend her. We need more people like her that just jump in, help and don't pitch the crap out of you.
Amy Campbell
Amy Campbell
Elyssa was very passionate and fun to work with. She brought her own great ideas to the table while still staying true to my vision, and found a compelling and elegant way to showcase my business. Communication was great and there was little I asked of her that she couldn’t do!
Rahel Claman
Rahel Claman
I could go on for hours about how amazing Elyssa is! Anytime I have any sort of tech issue, I know to go straight to her. She knows what she's doing, and her customer service is just as wonderful. She has a customer for life with me! I can not recommend her enough ❤️
Ellen Lucero
Ellen Lucero
I could say she does everything she promises in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner and is a joy to work with, but that’s not enough. She goes above and beyond. After already closing out her business, she answered my frantic cry for help after hours and on the weekend and quickly and efficiently helped me. She’s a one-stop-solution for all tech and design issues and a straight-up nice person on top of it all. You want her in your business.
DeDe Anne
Dede Ann
Dede Ann Realtor
I initially contacted Elyssa to help me build a website for my business, which led to her also designing my business cards. Throughout the process, she listened to my needs, and was patient and reliable. I am so happy with her work and it suits my business perfectly. Thank you Elyssa! I definitely recommend NavaWeb and Elyssa as web designer.
Nadia M.
Story Time Creative
Elyssa, thank you so much for helping us with our community site. We have 100+ families who rely on this website for daily, sometimes hourly updates. I hired two different people who wasted my time and money, “fixing” issues we didn’t have. Within a very short time, you found the root of our troubles and have us on track again. Your skills have been so valuable to us! I also appreciate how easy it is to work with you. You are responsive and friendly, making this a great business relationship. Thanks again!
Lynn Facompre
Lynn Facompre
Promise Pulse
Elyssa is THE “solution finder”! I had a tech problem with my website and I could not figure it out. I reached out and Elyssa jumped on Zoom to help me. She was able to figure it out quickly and she also gave me a bunch of other tips as well. I found her incredibly knowledgeable and generous. She is passionate and answered all my questions. Thank you!
Pamela Dale
Inexcusably You Life! Coaching INC.
Elyssa has exceeded my expectations; she has designed several websites for me, and I couldn’t be happier!
Ian Redd Vancouver Photographer
Ian Redd
Vancouver Headshots Inc.
So impressed with your efficiency and customer service!
Dia Montgomery
Dia Montgomery
Montgomery Law
Elyssa is AMAZING!! I have been struggling for WEEKS with my site and she took care of it in less than an hour. Seriously. Amazing. She stays in constant communication (my inner control freak loved that!) and did a flawless job. I highly recommend.
Brittany Bayley
Elyssa was fantastic!! She was able to solve a menu issue that I had been experiencing for several days and I had thought of everything I could think of. But she was able to fix it. She seems to have an in-depth knowledge of Wordpress which makes it very handy with unusual issues like this. Thank you again!! So nice to have a functioning site back!
Kristi Beisecker
OMG You saved my life … Like seriously. I was ready to jump right off a bridge. I mean, we don’t really have bridges around here but I was going to jump off a high building. Well, we don’t have those either but I was jumping off my front porch for sure! You saved my life tonight!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
KaLynn Dier
Elyssa's is highly responsive and professional, and she walked the line between taking direction well and having creative solutions for my questions.
Amy Steggles
Amy Steggles
Elyssa is intuitive to client’s vision of website design. Great graphic design, & hitting a ‘homerun’ on final layout. Satisfaction 100%!
Sikh Lancers
I chose NavaWeb to help me design my business websites. They were professional, creative and thoughtful. Having a website that works for you everyday is key to any successful business. Elyssa will take your vision and design a website using the latest web technologies to wow your customers!
Mike Medina Kosher Kitchen Catering Co.
Mike Medina
Kosher Kitchen Catering Co.


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