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Top 9 Tips For Choosing Images For Your Website

26 Nov
Top 9 Tips For Choosing Images For Your Website

While the statement a picture speaks a thousand words might seem cliche, it’s the brutal reality of today’s time. And when it comes to nailing the first impression of your website, images are your best bet to success.

Choosing the right images for websites requires time and thought. But with brilliant tips straight from the experts, there’s no reason why you can’t engage audiences the right way on your page. 

It’s all about harmonious blends of imagery, colors, and text placement that will gravitate the reader to your content.

If creating the best visual impact through a single click is your agenda, you’ve come to the right place. These top nine tips for choosing images for your website will showcase your professionalism while adding that unique flair to your brand. 

1. It’s Always Quality Over Quantity

The perfect image for your website must be supreme in quality. Anything grainy or replicated is never a good idea. If you ask the professionals out there, it’s a major deal breaker. 

One of the greatest ways to overcome this is by selecting HD images that arise in small file sizes. You don’t have to go overboard in size, as that would just paint a distorted picture. 

2. Orientation Goes A Long Way

Another critical yet overlooked factor is orientation. Landscape images are better suited for websites in comparison to portraits. See, the goal is to fill the entire screen width and keep everything to the imagination. 

Most images for websites arise in a standard letterbox style. This means they’re never going too far down on a page. 

3. Get Creative & Nail That Originality Factor

Ensure the pictures you use for your website is unique. We feel nothing goes beyond originality. Moreover, most viewers are image savvy, so they can easily spot something generic or cliche. 

In general, professional photographs are ideal for showcasing brand authenticity. However, purchasing stock images from a reliable source is also a convenient option if you have budget and time constraints. However, look for pictures with unique angles.

Remember: rare is real, and people love it. We know the extra effort you put into the image search will be worth the look you’re trying to achieve. 

4. Take Help From Professionals In The Industry

One of the best ways to get the perfect image is by taking a design agency on board. These are experts that know their craft in and out. Instead of just relying on what you think may look best, how about taking advice from professionals in the industry? 

They’ll provide the right guidelines, a list of images to go through, and the style they feel best suits your page. It’s like getting work done quickly and more effectively. Let’s not forget how such professionals have easy access to high-quality images, so you’re in good hands. 

5. Include Pictures That Best Represent Your Brand

It’s a tough world out there, and it’s super competitive too. This is why selecting images that stay true to your brand’s identity is so important. Remember, your business is all about your vision and identity. You must remember that whenever an image pops up, people will relate what you’re saying to what you’re showing. 

If your business is about hotels and accommodation, you need to have pictures of people relaxing and enjoying the great amenities that come with it. How about a picture of a soothing spa or a splendid three-course dining experience?

6. Blend Candid In Your Website Images

There’s no reason to be so serious. Have fun, show color, focus on life, and remember to create imagery of what goes on behind the scenes. 

Viewers adore such pictures far from the classic dead-straight portraits. Remember, boring is forgetful, but the fun will make you memorable. 

7. Never Forget Your Target Audience

If you arrived on a travel website that featured pictures of toys, you’d probably redirect yourself to a new landing page. This is why knowing your target audience is key to successful website imagery. 

If you aim to attract teenagers who enjoy purchasing BTS merchandise, ensure you feature images along those lines. They need to be trendy and full of colors and life. No one of that age group will adore landscapes featuring stunning sunsets or mountain views. That’s for a more mature audience and less of those related to Gen Z. 

8. Eliminate Empty Space 

We can’t stress this point more than ever. It’s so important to get rid of white space. Be it color edits or simply cropping the edges, blank white space is never a good idea. 

The idea is to direct the viewer to a certain area or focus on a particular target. It just doesn’t make sense to incorporate white across the board. 

9. Less Is Always More

There can be nothing worse than a website that’s overcrowded with pictures. Arrangements and layouts need to be predetermined to perfection. And we feel the only way to achieve that is never to overdo it.

You’re not presenting an art gallery to the world. You are showcasing a brand with its identity. Hence, there’s no reason to bombard viewers with pictures while scrolling down. Therefore, balance is key, and creating harmony between your website images and content is the way.

Final Thoughts

Every business’s top target should include striking the right balance with images on a website. No matter if it’s new or one that already exists, it needs to be a part of every brand’s initial plan and never be left for the end. 

We hope this picture-perfect guide assists you in navigating some major issues that entail nailing the perfect website image. And if you’re not too sure, you’ve got to ask the professionals, and that’s where we at step in. 

We’re here to better showcase your brand’s image in the right way by making sure it stands true to your vision. Similarly, we want to set the right tone regarding the website’s overall design. 

If you’re ready with a task and look forward to our input, feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to help you.

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