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5 Valuable Technology Investments to Enhance Your Small Business

15 Aug
5 Valuable Technology Investments to Enhance Your Small Business

Many small business owners think that technology is simply too expensive to benefit their small operations. But in truth, small businesses can’t afford to miss out on all the benefits that technology can offer. Investing in tech upgrades can help you save time, cut costs, and get ahead of your competitors. And small business technology is becoming increasingly affordable! Today’s business owners can choose from countless tech options at a variety of different price points, from free apps with simple features to robust software designed for big brands.

Digital Outsourcing

Technology makes it possible to collaborate with digital companies like NavaWeb. This means it’s easy to outsource your tech projects! Whether you need help setting up new software, finding your way around digital marketing channels, or branding your business for the web, outsourcing is your answer. Keep in mind that many software tools offer customer support, so don’t hesitate to reach out for help if you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed by a new tool.

Website Security

The importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated. Good cybersecurity preparedness can protect your business from complete ruin in the event that a hacker decides to target your website and steal sensitive information. As you set up your business website, pay attention to cybersecurity best practices. If you used WordPress to build your website, make sure you keep it up-to-date with the latest security patches to deter hackers. Keeping your themes and plugins updated will deter hackers and ensure your website remains secure against potential threats!

Maintaining an updated website isn’t the only way to protect your business from cyber threats. Be sure to secure all of your business accounts with strong passwords and multi-factor authentication. You can even password protect your files to keep them safe from hackers. If you need to make changes to PDF files, it’s helpful to have a PDF editor so you don’t have to compromise your security by converting password-protected PDFs into other formats.


If you spend a lot of time responding to customer emails, installing a chatbot on your website can save you a lot of time. Chatbots are software programs that simulate human conversation. They’re often used on websites so customers can get quick answers to simple, common questions. According to REVE Chat, a chatbot can help increase customer engagement, reduce your customer service costs, improve lead generation, streamline the customer journey, and more! Set up a chatbot on your website and watch your job get a lot easier.

Automated Accounting

Accounting is another task that can be easily automated with the right tools. Many online bookkeeping programs make it easy to automate repetitive tasks like client invoicing, bill payment, employee payroll, expense tracking, and tax recording. The right accounting tool will also produce accurate financial reports that you can use to make better business decisions. Some accounting apps offer free versions and trials so you can test them out. Try a few until you find a program that offers the services and features you need for your specific business.

Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing can take your business to new levels. RRD explains that consumers are beginning to expect hyper-personalization in their online interactions with brands. They want to see content that aligns with their preferences and interests. And thanks to the widespread availability of AI and machine learning, personalized marketing is possible for even the smallest of businesses. You can personalize advertisements, website pages, app content, discounts, emails, invoices, receipts, shipping notifications, and more! Learn the subtleties of personalizing your customer interactions without making your customers uncomfortable.

Just because your business is small doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own. Leveraging the power of technology will make your job a lot easier. Look for tech tools that fall within your budget and get set up with a system that streamlines and automates your daily tasks so you can focus on growing your business.

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