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Logo Design: 5 Killer Ways to Market Your Brand

05 Jul
Logo Design 5 Killer Ways to Marketing Your Brand

Your brand logo has more purposes than simply appearing on company merchandise. It is the visual representation of all the values upheld by your company. A logo should be memorable enough to make people immediately associate your business with it.

Your brand logo is also the first thing that a potential customer sees about you, and their perception of your company is influenced by it. Since it formulates potential clients’ first impression, your logo should be precise and understandable.

With so many vital purposes being served by a logo, companies are concerned regarding how to design their logo. Follow this guide if you are clueless about integrating your business ideals within your logo design.

1. Define Your Brand Identity

Before beginning your logo design, you need to consider how you want to reveal yourself in front of customers. Your brand identity stems from your business values and how you integrate them within your products and services.

Your brand identity is also the way you want your customers to feel when they interact with you. In simple words, your brand identity is the personality of your business. For this purpose, Free Logo Creator can help you nail your brand image as well as create a brand identity.  

You can note down everything you know about your brand somewhere to make the process easier. Maybe create a mood board that reflects the ideology of your brand. Remember that the primary purpose your logo is to convey your brand identity to customers.

2. Be Unique

Your business logo will differentiate you from all the competitors selling similar products or services. But brands often struggle with creating a unique logo that can separate them from competitors. You should take inspiration from other brands but never copy their logo design. However, creating a unique logo is not just about avoiding plagiarism.

Your logo design should be something out-of-the-box so that people can easily separate you from others. Simply throwing an industry icon on your website is not enough. You need to use up all your creativity and innovativeness in creating a business logo. However, designing a unique brand logo does not mean you have to go overboard with the design. Your brand logo does not have to reveal everything about your business in detail. Only a quick summary of your brand identity is enough, and it should be easy to comprehend.

If you have to explain to people what your logo stands for, it does not serve the ultimate purpose of people immediately associating it with your brand identity.

Tip: Your website should as unique as your logo! If you are looking for website design services or custom logo and branding, contact NavaWeb, we can help!

3. Focus on the Colours You Want to Use

Choosing the appropriate colour for your business logo is essential. Colours can evoke a variety of emotions, and people interpret colours according to age, demographics, gender, and others. A simple brush stroke holds massive influence over the message you wish to convey.

Using bright and bold colours can help you attract people’s attention easily. However, using bright colours can also be overpowering. Light and muted hues can portray class and sophistication. But using light colours is risky because it often gets overlooked.

Conduct proper research to find out which colours can truly represent your brand image.

4. Use Vector Graphics

Companies often use 3D illustrations to create their brand logo. They also prefer adding detailed effects to enhance their logo. While they look good, vector graphics are a more prudent choice for better logo design. A well-done vector logo is extremely versatile and uses contrast and balance. It can also then be used to create banner advertising for print media, TV, web, merchandise and more.

Logo designers primarily use vector images because they are more appropriate. Moreover, vector logos offer scalability. It means that your logos can be conveniently scaled up or down without hampering the quality.

The bottom line is, you don’t want a standard JPG or PNG as your official logo, because those will be lower resolution.

5. Make a Memorable Logo

While focusing on the visual design of your logo, you should not forget about its relevance. Your brand logo should have longevity so that it does not go out of style anytime soon. Since trends are short-term, it’s better to avoid the latest craze while designing your logo.

Use empty space to make your logo clean. People should be able to read your logo from a distance. Designing a logo with blank space becomes beneficial when you want to print it on your merchandise. Remember, a good logo is not about adding multiple symbols and images.

Sometimes being literal with your logo is enough to make it memorable. Leaning into the obvious while designing a logo is not a bad thing. Take it from Apple, with its logo being that of an apple.

Simplicity is king.

Closing Thoughts

Designing the logo for your business is a vital part of its growth. Don’t underestimate the value of a logo, and start designing one for your brand now. Once you design the logo of your choice, do not forget to add it to your website, social media, and everywhere else to make it recognizable.

If creating your own logo isn’t something you think you want to dive into, you can NavaWeb! We do custom logo design, branding and more. Get in touch for a free quote!

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