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29 Nov

Facebook Changes Cover Size Again 2017

facebook changes group cover size

Most people who run a Facebook page or group might have noticed recently, that their cover images have been looking a little funny lately. That is because Facebook has decided to (once again) change the size of header / cover images! I’m not sure why this might be – it

05 Jul

10 Free Ways to Start Marketing Your Website or Blog

10 free ways to start marketing your website or blog

Finding the right domain name, choosing a design, and figuring out a compelling user experience. These are the steps most people think about when setting up their website. Yet, once it is built, how do you get actual visitors? Will it cost money to get a site noticed? Fortunately, the

01 Feb

A New Way to Organize Gmail Inbox

A New Way to Organize Gmail Inbox

If you’re like me and you use Gmail as your primary inbox service, and you deal with lots of emails from clients, there’s an amazing tool for Chrome that I want to share with you. It’s called Sortd, and it’s a plugin that will organize the view of your Gmail

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